I thought I was the only one. . .

This is My Story

I started this website after I realized I wasn‘t the only one.

I wasn’t the only one feeling ‘burned out’ doing something I thought was my passion.

I wasn’t the only one feeling panic that my time here on this planet was running out without me having accomplished what I felt like I was sent here to do.  And that feeling, that knowing that I was somehow on the wrong career path fed into my doubts, fueled stress, and stole the enjoyment from continuing to show up every day to do the work that I thought I was destined to do.

I wasn’t the only one worried about chronic health issues interfering with my future independence and mobility–and I was beginning to feel the effects of the stress in my life tearing the hinges of my health apart. The all-too-real fear of developing a chronic, debilitating medical condition fed the stress and worry cycle. I was on a downward spiral health-wise.

I thought I was the only one to experience these feelings. But I was wrong.  As I gained the courage to talk about what I was going through, I found that a lot of women were experiencing feelings of fear, ‘burn-out’, running out of time without feeling fulfilled, and beginning to develop symptoms of chronic health issues due to stress. That last one, health challenges from what I call ‘Lifestyle Disease’, I determined that I would make better choices so Lifestyle Disease would NOT become a part of my future.

I’m Dr. Melissa Brown, a successful pediatric practitioner for over 25 years. Yet I left my pediatric practice in 2009 and started a journey to become my own best patient.  I sampled various complementary and holistic healing modalities and educated myself on best practices for self-care.

Along the way, I tapped into my life’s purpose–helping to guide other women who want to reverse the effects of fear, stress, and overwhelm in their lives. Helping women design a life that optimizes their health and allows them to remain independent, mobile, functional and free of pain. Free to check off all the adventures and experiences on their Life List. Helping women live a more satisfied, happier life with a knowing that they are tapping into their inner wisdom. A more fulfilling life, living the purpose that they were meant to achieve.

For those who struggle with all the things I felt and think you’re the only one, know this: You are not alone. We have a community of empowered women right here. A community for you if you want to upgrade your life, remain healthy or break the chains of a chronic illness (it can be done!). A community here for you if you want to dial in happiness and tap into your inner wisdom and fulfill your life purpose.

If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place here. Your peeps are here and I’ve got your back, too.  Welcome home!

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