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Start a Journal For 2017

Why You Should Start Keeping a Journal The world just lost a great woman at the end of 2016, Carrie Fisher. What was not lost, though, were the journal reflections that she kept during her life, especially the journal that she kept while filming Star Wars as Princess...

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It’s Time To Get Honest

  Overwhelm Happens To Us All It's safe to say that every person in the world knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed at one point or another. Some people live lives where overwhelm seems to be the norm. Maybe that can be chalked up to being busier than ever as a...

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What’s YOUR Kryptonite?

We've all been there. You find that your energy level has been dragging for days now. You have no motivation to move. You sit and yawn. You desperately long for a nap. But you never seriously consider taking one because you really can't sleep during the daylight...

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Welcome and make yourself at home!  This website is a work in progress (for now) and there are great things planned to help you optimize and live an extraordinary life.  You're in the right place if you've been asking yourself these questions; "Is that all there is? ...

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