What’s YOUR Kryptonite?


We’ve all been there. You find that your energy level has been dragging for days now. You have no motivation to move. You sit and yawn. You desperately long for a nap. But you never seriously consider taking one because you really can’t sleep during the daylight hours. Not to mention, it would screw up your sleep tonight IF you nap this afternoon.

What’s come over you? What and where is that concealed kryptonite that is zapping your energy and draining your super powers? That kryptonite that’s making you feel less like a super hero and more like an exhausted mortal?

Must. Find. It. NOW!

Entire books have been written about the potential causes of fatigue. We seem to be a tired world, unable to feel rested, recharged and full of that endless energy that the energizer bunny always seems to summon. Want to improve your energy levels? Find the kryptonite that is draining your energy and remove it.

Rather than look for something to add to your lifestyle to improve your energy, this is a ‘subtractive’ method. In other words, you are improving your energy by doing less of something and not by doing more – which is considerably easier when your energy is already low.

But which habits are the ‘strongest kyptonite‘ that you should seek out and destroy first if you want to restore your energy? Here are three of the top candidates.

Tea and Coffee

If you use caffeine to power yourself through the day, then this is definitely kryptonite #1 for you. Caffeine can actually severely hamper your energy levels and may even be what’s making it so hard to get up in the morning.

When you drink caffeine, it simulates the molecule ‘adenosine’. This is a molecule that builds up in your brain over the day and it’s accumulation eventually contributes to make you feel tired and groggy later at night. However, because caffeine acts like adenosine, it  ‘plugs’ the adenosine receptors thereby rendering the natural adenosine inactive. The result? An artificial feeling of energy and drive.

But this eventually leads to tolerance and dependence. The brain produces more adenosine/receptors to counteract the perceived lack of adenosine and as such you need more caffeine to feel normal. This leads to withdrawal symptoms and that withdrawal is one of the things making you feel so groggy in the morning! You’re on the caffeine merry-go-round and you won’t be able to get into those deep, restorative levels of sleep as long as caffeine is surging though your veins.

You will crush the caffeine kryptonite when you cut down and (ASAP) quit the caffeine hamster wheel. This will lead to restoring your energy levels and your super powers will return.



Nicotine is a stimulant and has been touted as a nootropic, a so-called smart drug used to improve cognitive function as well as improve memory, motivation, and creativity. But when you smoke cigarettes seeking the nicotine effect, you also inhale a huge amount of harmful gasses which can severely damage your lung capacity. This leads to diminished oxygenation throughout your body. Insufficient oxygen means fatigue to all your cells–only one of the many harmful effects on the body when you smoke.

There is no compelling reason to smoke cigarettes. Removing kryptonite #2, cigarettes, will improve your lung capacity and improve your longevity. Unless you’re looking to sleep permanently in a very deep sleep. Then keep smoking and the statistical odds are that the Grim Reaper will be visiting you earlier than you ever dreamed. You won’t need to worry about fatigue anymore as your permanent sleep will start sooner–one from which you will never wake up!

If you need help kicking the nicotine kryptonite, there are lots of resources and help available. Make a decision, ask for help, and take it one day at a time. You CAN do this!


Kryptonite #3 is the habit of procrastination. The type of procrastination that leads directly to daytime fatigue is procrastinating late at night. You stay up watching YouTube, for instance, into the small hours because you can’t be bothered to get up and get ready for bed. Procrastinating in this way wastes your valuable time without giving you the ‘permission’ you need to properly rest.

Crush this kryptonite by adopting a routine geared to get you ready for bed starting at a set time every night. Turn off all electronics, take a warm bath with some essential oils that relax the body, maybe some lavendar. Read a good book for a while and then turn out the lights. Focus on becoming comfortable rather than forcing sleep.  You will be in la la land before you know it, properly recharging so you’ll have more energy to get up, go in the morning, and keep going all day long!

If you noticed that crushing each of these kryptonites involves changing a habit, you might be interested in my free online self-study course, “21 Day Jumpstart Your Health Habits For Life” which is all about the science of habit change.  No xray vision necessary–your superpower to grant access is simply to click here and get started!

Crush that kryptonite! Your increased energy levels await!