What People Are Saying

Praise from past clients:

“From my very first coaching session with Melissa she made me feel relaxed and secure in the knowledge that what we shared was confidential and she set the stage to allow me to share my deepest fears and feelings freely without judgment. Through sharing my story with Melissa she enabled me to recognize things that I hadn’t recognized before and then gave me tools to acknowledge and address those issues as they came up. If you are looking to realize, and then break through blocks that are holding you back then I strongly recommend that you work with Melissa. After my 12 weeks of coaching with her I had become more confident at work and more in touch with my feelings.”

J. John.


“I can’t thank you enough for your coaching and insight!  You said several things that made me think and more importantly you gave me great ideas of how to help me move forward.  You are one of the great leaders who helped me become the person I am today.”



“Melissa has been my coach as I made the transition from being a student to building my own coaching practice.  I cannot overstate both her understanding and effectiveness in helping me have confidence and stay focused.  The result was a smooth start, going from win to win.  Melissa held me accountable for accomplishing the tasks we agreed on in our sessions, and I have been making steady and rewarding progress.  Thanks Melissa!”

S. Bacon